Make it a Stew Sunday with Bay Laurel

Make it a Stew Sunday with Bay Laurel

It’s a rainy day(sometimes freezing), on days like this, it’s good to curl up with a good book or a good movie.  But what to cook for Sunday supper?  My favorite on days like this is stew.  Stew easy to put together and it fills your house with memories of childhood. My favourite is Jamie Oliver’s Steak, Guinness, and cheese pie with a puff pastry lid (recipe here). It calls for fresh rosemary, you can pick it up in the produce section of any supermarket. I like adding a bay leaf while it’s in the oven, it gives the stew more depth.  Which brings me to the topic of today’s blog, Bay Leaves. The Bay Laural Tree(Laurus nobilisan) is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glossy leaves, native to the Mediterranean region The laurel can vary greatly in size and height, sometimes reaching 7–18 (metres 23–59 ft) tall. (Wikipedia). Can you grow it inside during winter? Yes, you can.   Make sure you have a bright, even sometimes direct sun(east, west, south, window).  Make sure from about November to March you don’t water it a lot.  Most plants need what I call a time to sleep.  A rest between growing, most plants in their natural surroundings need a time of rest.  Make sure you do not give any fertilizer during this time, you don’t want it to grow.  Whenever you are pinching out (means trimming)  to make a fuller tree, save the leaves and dry (Click here for full instructions)them away from any heat or the sun.  Either lay them on paper towels or hang the branch you cut.  Make sure they are fully dry before storing them in a container (picture below)


I have had about 4 plants over the time I have been growing herbs(latest picture above). Yes, I know it doesn’t look great, most of the time they have died because I forgot about them during winter(like this time) or in the heat of the summer.  When you grow them make sure the pot is big enough and transplant starts to get root bound. They are not hard to grow and the rewards will have your food tasting great. I will start another one in the spring time, fingers crossed!

15 thoughts on “Make it a Stew Sunday with Bay Laurel

  1. Well, I know what I’m cooking for dinner tomorrow, thanks for the great recipe!

  2. The stew sounds delicious can you post a photo? I love the idea of growing my own herbs for cooking!

  3. Poornima Rajasekar

    Woah! I love the name of your blog Ms. Shelley. This is so much new knowledge about bay leaves!

  4. Great advice! I was thinking about growing basil/peppermint during winter. Featured image looks like Burgoyne Woods in St. Catharines by the way.

  5. A great read and I’m learning life skills, this blog is great.

  6. I’ve eaten this very recipe! 10/10 would eat again.

  7. That stew sounds so good. And I never knew any of that about bay leaves, just always used them when I needed them. Thanks for the insight into them!

  8. I am totally going to try out this recipe. Great job!!

  9. Hi Shelley! Thanks so much for sharing how to properly grow them. I’ve had trouble in the past myself. I hope to hear more about other herbs in your future blog posts!

  10. Sounds very exciting!

  11. Love your blog. Me and my mom are looking at your blog and your recipes.

  12. Hi Shelly,

    Great post. I loved learning about the big leaf that is always in my pasta sauce, that I am too afraid to eat. keep up the great work.

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