Winter Just Won’t Go Away

Winter Just Won’t Go Away

Wow!  We had a good storm here a few days ago, at least 40cm of .  Below you can see what the last week of February look like to what we had in the second week of March.  I think mother nature had her months mixed up this year.  Well thinking of spring,  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer for Canada Blooms with Enterprise Canada (Public Relations Firm) last week before the snow hit us.  There is no feeling better then walking around and looking at backyard landscapes to inspire the creative juices.


First floral design I saw was the City of Toronto, it was beautiful          

As you can see in the pictures below, all the different landscapes have given me and hopefully you  some new ideas to make your backyard an oasis that you can be proud of.

I am making several water features this year for my backyard.  The first one is taking a bath tub and turning it into a pond.  I got this idea when my brother redid his bathroom.  I have some slate from when I dug up my front step that i will attached to it and will have the tub in the ground so only half will stick out.  I will flowers and shrubs around to fill it in. I have had a gargoyle fountain spout for about 15 years that I will finally use.  I will post a picture of it good or bad when its finished. Below is before I start.




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