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I have always been interested in flowers, herbs, and cooking. By the time I was in grade seven I was cooking full course meals when my classmates were just starting to cook. When I graduated high school, I decided to go into Hospitality and took Hotel and Restaurant Administration at Niagara College. There I learned a lot more about cooking and had a home catering business while studying. I started to grow herbs at home and grew interested in the Medicinal purposes of herbs and spices. I took a 2-year Alternative Medicine program but at the end of it decided that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.  I worked in Events and fundraising and had many successes.  My hobby and passion at home were always cooking and gardening.  I grew tomatoes in my 23rd floor of an apartment when I lived ion Brampton(not outside).   I started all kinds of plants by seed, cutting and air rooting.  Everyone was always shaking their heads and couldn’t believe what I was able to do.  I started joking that I was the goddess of gardening.   A friend actually bought me the sign that is on the front of my blog page.  Currently, I am taking Public Relations Graduate Certificate at Niagara College to update my education.  I am looking forward to continuing my career in Hospitality/Public Relations and my hobby as the Goddess of Gardening.

The Goddess (A.K.A- Shelley Schaubel)

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